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06 Apr 2021

What makes photography art

what makes photography art is the imagination, dedication, and time that you pour into your work. 

03 Apr 2021

7 Essential Portrait Photography Techniques

Below you’ll find photography techniques to enhance your photography and turn good portraits into amazing portraits: Bring your own lighting. The camera flash doesn’t always provide the light you need. Some flash, especially if used in a close-up headshot, can wash out persons face appearance. Off-camera flash is useful for changing the lighting conditions to enhance contrast and control the shadows in your portraits. Natural light can be great for outdoor portrait photography but direct sunlight may be overpowering. External […]

01 Apr 2021

Ideas for Photos During Quarantine Period

Since the Covid-19 virus became a global pandemic, most governments have declared a lockdown. The chances are high that you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go, talk less of having fun and taking pictures. So, how do you make the best of this lockdown for you and your family? You don’t have to visit the studio or get a professional photographer before taking amazing pictures. New age smartphones now come with decent camera quality. The latest Apple iPhone, Samsung, […]

01 Apr 2021

10 Creative Photography Ideas for Beginners to Improve Their Skills

Self-Portrait All art is a reflections: of creators, of consumers, of civilizations. That extends to self-portraits. So we’ll take a moment here to tackle one of the most common (and controversial) photography subjects of modern life. We’re talking, of course, about the selfie. You may consider there to be very little skill in portraying yourself. Yet a vast wealth of talented folk have used self-portraits to uncover a hidden side of themselves. What expression are you making? What’s in the […]