10 Creative Photography Ideas for Beginners to Improve Their Skills

  1. Self-Portrait

All art is a reflections: of creators, of consumers, of civilizations. That extends to self-portraits. So we’ll take a moment here to tackle one of the most common (and controversial) photography subjects of modern life. We’re talking, of course, about the selfie.

You may consider there to be very little skill in portraying yourself. Yet a vast wealth of talented folk have used self-portraits to uncover a hidden side of themselves. What expression are you making? What’s in the background? What’s the focus of your piece?

2.Moving Vehicles

Vehicles offer a wide color palette, interesting lines, reflections, textures, and many other facets that photographers love.

But moving cars are another challenge entirely.

What’s the main point of interest? Does an entirely blurred composition demonstrate what you’re trying to achieve? Or does having one aspect in focus make the rest of the image “speed up”? Capturing moving objects will also make you experiment with shutter speeds.


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