Ideas for Photos During Quarantine Period

20 Ideas for Photos During Quarantine Period

Since the Covid-19 virus became a global pandemic, most governments have declared a lockdown. The chances are high that you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go, talk less of having fun and taking pictures.

So, how do you make the best of this lockdown for you and your family? You don’t have to visit the studio or get a professional photographer before taking amazing pictures.

New age smartphones now come with decent camera quality. The latest Apple iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi smartphones come with upgraded cameras that make your picture sharper and clearer. Besides there are thousands of free and premium applications online that will allow you to edit pictures fast.

So what are you waiting for? Here are few photo ideas for you during this quarantine.

Water Splash. This is a popular photo idea. It involves trying to capture water splashes or droplets of water while it’s in motion. To do this, you need a clear, steady camera, a bucket or cup of water, and a beautiful background.

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