Livonian Coast – Gotland photo and music exhibition

  • Livonian Coast - Gotland photo and music exhibition

Project Description

Stunning views and absolute tranquillity, beyond the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.

True simplicity, a fairy tale-like culture and natural beauty, similar to both coasts – the Livonian and Gotlandic.

Author of the Project – Photographer Janis Mednis has created this project, building a virtual bridge between the two coastlines. Photos and music connect both cultures, creating a genuine feeling of being present – a virtual journey, where one can feel the Gotlandic and Livonian coasts, become one with each other.

The main idea of the project was to create the feeling of reflection, taking on the image of the opposite coast, finding parallel lines, shapes and historical connections.

Two coasts, Livonian and Gotlandic – two similar cultures, reflecting a rich fishermen’s culture, people’s lifestyle, similar wooden architecture and cultural traditions, which are visually very close to each other. The coasts are fairly close, but due to the 175 kilometres of sea dividing both cultures, people have a very weak understanding of what is on the other side. People are curious to see what the other side looks like. Showing the similarities, and also the small differences, will make it an exciting story – a cultural and virtual journey between both coasts through photos and music.

The fishermen’s villages, people’s lifestyle, wooden architecture, people’s portraits, ancient Viking graveyards are so similar to each other, that it is sometimes hard to tell if it is the Livonian coast or Gotland.

The exhibited visual material by photographer Janis Mednis is a result of frequent visits to Gotland and the Livonian coast from 2006–2020.

30 large-scale pictures are divided into similar pairs – 15 from the Livonian coast and 15 from the Gotlandic coast.

The photos, accompanied by Gotlandic and Livonian traditional music (world music), will present both unique cultures in a very lively and special way.

Music is the second parallel dimension along with the visual one – photos. Livonian songs will be followed by Gotlandic world music tunes in one whole music piece, creating a genuine atmosphere.

Music performers: Gotlandic singer Charlotte Berg and composer Jan Ekedahl with Gunnfjauns Kapell, and Livonian performers: singers Reinis Zumbergs and Lelde Jurciņa with Nurmorkestõr


Photographer and project leader

Janis Mednis