Green White Blue

Project Description

Green, White, Blue. It’s a story about the place where time intersects. The album started with the question to myself: „Who am I? What do I want to say?” I know by creating something new the sense of satisfaction goes hand in hand with great responsibility. All of a sudden you must be aware of what will happen and how it will happen…
This has been a nine-year-long journey. Through all the Livonian villages and through all the seasons of the year. A twenty-four-hour-a-day journey. Green, White, Blue is a true story about the coast, stars, a fox in Slitere, a juniper and hoarfrost. It comes from love, conversations with Pauline, from the Livonian language, music and coastal symbols. Shot on film to get closer to the truth, closer to what you’re unable to express in numbers, but feel.
Nowherelse in the world do people speak Livonian. There’s only one Kolka Cape with two seas and there’s only one Livonian Coast.